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Price: $79USD | Duration: 2 hours | Reservations:
Schedule: Once Daily - Mondays to Fridays at 9:00 AM

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Travel back to a time in Antigua’s history in 1706 when the British built one of its most impressive Forts to protect against French invasion.  Conquer the trail leading to this most impressive structure of defense, built with full masonic honours as your Segway PT moves you securely down the path of history after a complete orientation.  You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to manoeuver this phenomenon of motion as it carries you through the large wooden gates of Fort James where a spectacular sight of the Caribbean Sea awaits.  After conquering the fort, continue your Antigua adventure tour cruising by beach picnic parks, scores of fruit trees and miles of beach in minutes on your zero emission Segway as knowledgeable and fun guides fill you in on interesting facts about the area.

After this scenic tour in Antigua, enjoy delicious refreshments and cool drinks around a picnic table while indulging in a breathtaking view at one of the island's most popular beach bars and restaurant.  With time to relax on the beach you can catch up on that good read or take a dip or just do absolutely nothing.  Package includes Segway orientation, safety gear (helmets), guided tour, bottled water, soft-drinks, refreshments** and time to relax on the beach. Transportation is provided at an additional cost.


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“The Segway tour was incredible fun” – Charles Duncombe, Holidaysplease.co.uk – Full review at Antigua Segway Review which is part of their Antigua Holidays section.



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