The beginning of the road

In early summer of 2008, after watching an episode of America's Next Top Model, where the participants were on a tour of Venice on Personal Transporters, an Antiguan family got the idea to establish operations of PTs on the island.  Two months later, Segway of Antigua & Barbuda commenced official operations and launched its dealership, offering the company's lines of unique products redefining personal transportation for consumers and businesses.  As the official Segway tour operators, Segway of Antigua & Barbuda started its dedication to providing a refreshing, unique, and inspiring tour experience which explores historic landmarks and breath-taking beaches, with practically no impact to the environment.

Transition | All tours

Answering the call from hoteliers, cruise ship passengers and locals, Segway of Antigua and Barbuda transitioned from a dealership/tour operator to a full Segway Tour operation providing unique and new tours in Antigua and Barbuda

1st Certificate of Excellence

World renowned and respected travel review web site, TripAdvisor, based on reviews received from real customers awarded us with our first Certificate of Excellence award. We were so happy to receive this award and still talk about getting that notification e-mail from TripAdvisor, what a feeling!

Continued performance, happy customers

When we got the e-mail from TripAdvisor receiving our certificate of excellence award where we have an average of five stars, out of a possible five which shows that on average and more often than not, our customers are extremely happy with our service.

New location

2013 was met with yet another certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor but also we were excited to move to our new location, right next to the beach, offering shorter transition time for our guests.

World economy

While global economy contracted which was definitely felt in Antigua, Segway of Antigua and Barbuda started work on identifying new routes, as well as considering updates to its web site and updating our staff training.

Preparing and excellence continues

Since our first award from TripAdvisor, Segway of Antigua and Barbuda has been the happy recipient of this prestigious award every year since and look forward to maintaining this standard into the future. It is our love for our island, respect for our staff, showing an example to our children, and eagerness to share with you our guests that keeps us going.

After receiving another consecutive Certificate of Excellence award from TripAdvisor, our drive continues as we launched a new web site, with three new tours, and updated our product offering. We are even more excited to meet, entertain and give our guests a brief experience of our lovely island. We are looking forward to seeing you on our tours.