Riding the Segway PT feels like nothing you've ever experienced, because there's never been anything like it. Step on and your instinct will be to steady yourself, as you would on anything with two wheels. But almost immediately you'll realize that the Segway PT is balancing for you, almost like it has become an extension of you. Just lean forward a little and you'll see that the Segway PT isn't moving you on its own, it's moving in response to you and what you tell it to do. It all feels natural, safe, and instinctive. That's what riding a Segway PT feels like.
Yes we do, send us an e-mail of what you are considering and we'll take it from there..
Being a new and family-owned business, Segway Antigua is so excited with the arrangements we’ve been able to make we the cruise lines and hotels. This is something we are continually doing and hopefully soon our tour will be offered on your ship. In the meantime, feel free to make your reservation online on our web site at https://www.segwayantigua.com/reservations..
Yes, feel free to make your reservation and once confirmed you will receive instructions on what you need to do (and bring) for your tour..

Our age minimum is thirteen (13) years old, however is this pretty much a guide. It really all depends on the individual. There are a few things we look at:

  1. Whether the person would be able to activate the sensors on the Segway PT (based on the user’s weight)
  2. Whether the person can stand for 30 minutes without assistance
  3. Whether the person can complete our orientation process in a seamless and stable fashion